Welcome to Berger Gruppe

The brands of the Berger Gruppe stand for highest quality in the field of machining and refinding metal coils and parts such as mechanical, industrial and household knives, cutlery, surgical instruments, tools cast and forged parts.

Economic Award of Wuppertal

In the category “company of the year” the Berger Gruppe was given the Economic Award of Wuppertal 2015.


About us >

The Berger Gruppe develops and produces machines for the treatment of strips and pieces applying different production methods such as grinding, polishing, strip edging, grooving or profile generating.

Manufacturing areas >

The Berger Gruppe comprises different manufacturing areas such as development and automation, construction, software development, test department and process development.

Products >

The members of the Berger Gruppe stand for high quality in the field of the processing of workpieces and strips. CNC and robotic grinding and polishing machines are core products of the range.